Monday, 22 July 2013

Product ideas so far

I have thought about linking this project with my existing practice of illustration and producing a line of illustrated products such as cards and tote bags. I would be particularly keen to pursue wearable items such as cloth bags. However, I want to push myself with this project and produce a range of products that I have not dealt with before. I would also like to take a step away from my usual style of illustration as a challenge to myself.

I have also been thinking about possibly doing something based around music, as Manchester is such a famously musical city, I am very passionate about music and I believe it would be a popular choice with the target market of the MMU Originals shop. I absolutely love making playlists and compilations so I feel like it would be interesting to utilise this skill within the context of a professional artist based environment. I run a clubnight in Manchester with three friends and I am in charge of making all of the playlists, booking bands and playing music on the night. However I have never really brought this love of music into my practice as an artist.

Recent illustration I did for the clubnight, Typical Girls

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