Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Different options for the record booklet / liner notes

I also want to push myself in terms of producing the booklet for the compilation that is packaged together with the CD / record. I originally considered producing a standard CD-booklet type mini zine but I'm now thinking of different ways I could fold the booklet to make the booklet more visually interesting and innovative.

I have taken inspiration from this NoBrow booklet

also their highly successful series of 'Leporellos', large concertina books which advance a narrative as the reader progresses through the folds. It can also be pulled out to be transformed into a poster.

I also really like Chris Ware's innovative use of booklets and different folding techniques in his recent release, Building Stories. Chris Ware is a comic creator and graphic novelist, Building Stories is a coherent graphic novel packaged in a box containing many seperate comics and sheets of drawings which the reader must pick out a narrative from themselves.

Contents of the Building Stories box

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