Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Project Conclusions

If I'd been doing this project in term time I would have liked to include collaboration with other students, courses and tutors to make it more of an inclusive and diverse representation of Music From the Art School. I would have interviewed other students about songs that either remind them of their time at the Art School or if they could suggest any Manchester produced music which could have a particular relevance to the project.
I would have also liked to have been able to use the print workshops to produce printed tote bags to either package the records in or to service as a complimentary part of a series of music based products. I would have used the same design for these bags as is on the album artwork. I would also have produced flyers to put around the Art School advertising firstly for collaboration an submissions and then to advertise its sale. I may have also actually produced many more physical copies of the compilation and tried to sell them on a stall in Holden Gallery / Cafe.

I also would have liked to expand on the project by experimenting with different uses of the compilation. Particularly, a more interactive approach. For example, I could give new first years headphones and a map of the Art School and they could investigate the site whilst listening to the compilation.

I also would have liked to include more reasoning behind my choice of each track in the booklet / liner notes. And also have included an artists profile for each of the bands / musicians stating their links to the Art School, to Manchester or the importance of the track, for example describing a particular time of year.

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