Monday, 19 August 2013

Further Ideas for Compilation

I'm really keen on progressing with the compilation record idea.

My idea for it now would be to base each track on the compilation to different areas, rooms or events within the art school. An example of this would be:

Holden Gallery
Holden Cafe
Interactive Arts Studio
All Saints Park
Print Workshop
Link Gallery
New Building
In The Lifts


First Year
Link Gallery
Mid Year Breakdown
Degree Show

In the liner notes for the album would be a map of the Art School either as a floor plan or a more mind map type of drawing, depending on which route I decide to go with regarding the theme of the tracklisting.

The notes would also include a short paragraph on each track talking about the location / reasoning behind why each track was chosen to represent each place / event / etc.

I would also like to incude collaboraytions with other students, art courses and tutors, maybe getting submission for artwork to go along with the notes or for song submissions / reasonings.

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